Monday, November 27, 2006

that 3 seconds to death

i was 3 seconds to end my breath
in the white icy cold bathroom
when you broke the door that instance
yet again, you pulled me from doom

it's not you, love, i swear its not
i'm a twisted lil girl with cruel memory
and all i got from my childhood
was all the painful taste of misery

let me go, it's you who made me stay
this is not my place, i just don't belong
and everytime i want to stand up
i would fall and bleed all day long

be away, shoosh and disappear
let me wither, let me be crushed
i may not be weak now that i have you
but what if this dream flushed?

the 3 second was very, very long
as i heard them laugh and tease
"they were evil" i chant repeatedly
but you shouted again and again "baby please!!"

but this is my heart, and it is bashed
and it is squashed very badly
it's not you, love, i swear it's not
but all comfort i get is by being lonely

i was about to leave you a letter
saying you'd never forget me and so
but i tremble too lot that i've shaken my heart
and i just cant let you see me go

and once the door are smashed
you grabbed my neck and hands
and i struggled out real hard yet i failed
till i helplessly succumb to you demands

you forced me down on the cold floor
and i lay there like a weak stallion
then you whispers all those beautiful words
like for you i am your best medallion

all those smells nuthin' like other lies
that i used to get growing up a beauty
you saw my ugly sides and my horrible childhood
but you hold me down tight and there you be

and there will you be forever long
forever strong
the father of my future child.

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