Wednesday, May 04, 2011

dear bee

dear bee,
with love.

i miss us so bad like nothing else in the world,
i miss the silliness, us two goofy girls,
i've looked for you out there in another,
but i failed horribly; i became my own stranger.

i wont say "i miss you" right to your face,
i wont even share this piercing longing i embraced,
knowing you're fine is all i need to make sure,
but how i wish you are fine with me behind ya.

i suck at saying i-love-you's, but ah, so are you,
i suck real bad, so i'll just leave you to,
just think of me once in any given nights,
hopefully the darkness will turn itself bright.

you are in good hands, now, in fact, so secure,
tangan beruang kot, for that, rest assured,
take care of yourself my lovely piece of my soul,
Know that i'm never complete without you;
i am--
a lost ghoul.

for my kiddo, bee. for i suck at saying goodbyes.