Sunday, October 28, 2007

bukan mereka

serasa ingin aku berpekik pada dinding
agar gemanya bisa memecah awan

berdenting denting kerincing rincing
jeritan bisu, yang terhancur cuma rawan.

merasa kejauhan itu sentiasa sering
laguku tak pernahnya menginang taulan

apa aku ini suka menghadap gering
tangan mereka hulur, namun aku yang segan.

melompat di langit dengan jiwa yang berlengging
aku lebih gemar sendiri di kawanan awan

bukan dunia yang kejam mahu berpaling
tapi berpimpin pimpin itu, aku bukan.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

a very fat girl sat helplessly next to the window watching the sky

a very fat girl sat helplessly next to the window watching the sky,
her eyes were wandering so far, that somehow she started to cry,
quick, quick, make her a fort so she could hide her disgusting self,
close her wide ears, the evil thunders are making her turn deaf.

play her music from the magical forest, the ones you waltz with during summer,
serve her the best juice, let her feel june and december is now forever,
fly her a handsome knight to sing her soothing lies of what she wishes,
cast her spells on that enchanted first sight that leads to thousand kisses.

oh look, the creatures there at the feet of her castle are prying,
but wait! they look exactly like her mates in reality, but more nauseating,
oh how she's happy here that none were there to mock her sight,
watch her fly and dance in the wind, making romance with the knight.

from that moonshining beautiful dark sky the girl had no grudge,
she feeds the earth with flowers and laughter of so much,
floating in grace that little girl oh how could that ever be?
what makes her jovial this way, what could ever possibly?

but then suddenly her head felt so in pain that it stings so bad,
she turned her head back and now she lost all those seeing she had,
her mates giggled and claimed back the book they threw to her,
oh what a menace, will they stop this evil one day or ever?

she smiled and forced her lips to stay that very same stiff way,
she is cultured to this all, she even said this is they way they play,
she will be the very same one, never can she squeeze her bad fate dry,

a very fat girl who sat helplessly next to the window watching the sky.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

sudah tertamat.

pujukkan hatiku yang sedang bertaburan ini.
pasakkan jiwaku yang seperti lalang.
kerna aku sudah habis cinta padanya.

semarakkan kembali rasa ini.
berikan semula segala sayang.
kerna aku sudah habis cinta padanya.

sudah terlewat.
sudah tertamat.