Friday, October 30, 2009

no more

there was once a little girl
living in a paper house
but oh she’s happy in her world
dancing with her torn up blouse

there was once a little boy
who had the stars as his own roof
and oh he’s one with all the joy
he never cared to fix his goof

twirl, baby, twirl
fly, baby, high
go on, soar
once more

somehow they found each other’s hand
never did they let them go
silent songs filled up the land
with melodies only they know

somehow the jealous wind went mad
and stirred a storm between those two
they lost the only thing they had
without the chance to bid adieu

twirl, baby, twirl
fly, baby, high
like before
once more

isn’t it cruel?
isn’t it cruel?
isn’t it cruel?
isn’t it cruel?

they are happy no more
they know joy no more
they can dance no more
they will sing no more

no more
no more
no more
no more

cause they've no joy afterall.

kau tidak mungkin tahu betapa bolongnya engkau selagi kau belum rasa penuh. dengarkan rintih sunyi. lagu ada di sisi kiri ini.


Qib Zieman said...
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miEz haNeM said...

no more....

nO women No cry :)

Dul said...


lisz. said...


the way u deliver it..

keep it up twin!

.o r k e d. said...

da tuka url.sila update ya (:

Aidan O'hara said...

bila bole download?

biELa said...

lagu best

Lumut Pagi said...

salam kakak.


tiada lagi ruang buat kesemua yang pernah dijulang.


nidurali said...


find interesting poems.

natasha said...

i was there at red bungalow when you performed. omg, yr performance is like i had nothing to compare it with. because i see talented ppl like you, i hope to major in literature someday. btw, im from uia, and i heard u're from there too. is it true kak fynn?

Fynn Jamal said...

dearest natasha:

the day i performed at rantai 2009, i was not entirely myself. i did not gave my all out. and therefore, personally, i feel i let down a lot of ppl.

i felt i shouldnt be up there that day. haih.

maka, wahai sayang, terima kasih setulusnya dari lubuk jantung ini. terima kasih kerana sudi mahu memasang telinga untuk kakak tempoh hari.

this is my personal fav as well.

do immerse yourself in literature. it gave me life, once.


rocking the bontot said...

you were damn great that day. i did enjoy it. my friends too. good luck kak fynn. and i hope, u'll be happily ever after married to abg tri cause u guys are so so so so sweet together. AMIN. and hope to hear more great work from you.

messy me said...

sgt sedap