Saturday, March 24, 2007

the 15 minutes on the stage

so this is my hum for you
to those who feel inadequate
and those who feel they are never good enough
to everyone who would feel this voice
feeling not perfect.

the truth is.

the truth is,
*unslipping left heel*
my thighs are thick.

the truth is,
*unslipping right heel*
my feet are gargantuan.

the truth is,
*wiping off lipstick*
my lips are slanted.

the truth is,
*lifting up the shawl on the forehead*
my eyes are a little crossed.

the truth is,
*grinning wide*
my teeth are not straight.


the truth is, I do not have that many of friends.
the truth is, I hurt those I love the most.
the truth is, I have problem being loved.
the truth is, I never see my worth.
the truth is, I have a father who i wish to impress.
the truth is, I have such a perfect brother in everyone eyes except mine.
the truth is, I am an ugly, full of hatred person.
the truth is, I hate myself every minute, day by day.

*complete silence*
The truth is, I have nothing to be proud of.
The truth is, I fake my smiles.
The truth is, I am sick of being the class clown.
The truth is, I have nothing.
The truth is, I possess nothing.
And all i have is this song.

god, Make me be thankful.
god, Let me be in peace.
god, Make people love me please.
god, Make me love me.

*insert sad soprano song*
*complete silence*

thank you, beautiful people.
for making this plain person feels so full.

Close your eyes, and imagine.

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Rainbow said...

kosong dan rasa sakit sekali