Friday, March 23, 2007

should i show my glass heart

on the cliff, hangin' on loose,
prays of miracles in each point seconds,
in just one huff and another puff,
angels defeated, rose the demons.

my heart is made of glass,
and how it's vulnerable and weak,
shatter now or just burst,
tremble not or fall this peak.

spectators cheering, prejudices speak up,
none now matter, everything is doubting,
should i show my glass heart, should i fake and lie?
should i grin and smile, wait helplessly and sing?

Dont you just hate waiting for that 'Yes' when you want something oh so really bad? You can't help but become this nervouse-confidence-wreck. Part of you says 'definitely', the other yells 'no way' and a big chunk questions all sort of 'what if'-s.

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