Saturday, March 24, 2007

the risk

what is it with my fear of being isolated?
having doubts i could never be someone's pet bird.
i wont lay down and let Death just come
when no one is next to give me his arm.

it's not that i'm desperate to have a company
well maybe im just jealous for those who have many
i need not thousands like diana or sue
only one for me to devote and turn to.

okay so i dumped five guys in a row
yeah like they'd be there for me in days of sorrow
it's not that i'm particular or being choosy
but hey we are talking about my future kid's daddy!

then i found you in the middle of un-readiness
when i am damn tired of all the madness
just like dews on cool leaves in the morning
you refresh my life in one fast blink.

but the more i'm avoiding, the more i'm on my knees
i dont want to be hurt, i want promises of peace
and though i said i'll survive without you
i fear every second you'll leave me out of the blue.

cause to commit to another is to take the first step
to the journey that ends with hurt in this relationship map
i cant stand the thought of losing you
but without reaching your hands, who knows if ever that is true?

so i will take the risk no matter how heavy
yes i will take the shame if ever you dump me
for how deep the sore, the pain, the hurt, the cut
i'll stay up straight cause you worth every blood.

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