Friday, March 23, 2007

the lunch break

sitting here alone on a lunch hour,
looking at pathetic hypocrites friends,
how masked and fake, treating each other,
laughing aloud, smiles exchanged, clapping hands.

these lambs i observe do not know,
the air is filth with puzzles and cautions,
damn the absents so secrets wont show,
oh how obvious! oh everyday this happens!

they laugh with stiff brows and soul-less lips,
and talk about how fun they had that day,
they say about staying together to every bits,
when in their hearts they despise the stay.

sometimes they pay me a few glimpse,
giving the same smile that they thought i need,
but sorry silly lambs, i had noticed,
your wolf's skin you hid under those feet.

I wrote this upon watching a group of friends during my break time. My oh my, how people are scary.

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Amirah Anua: The Simple Lifestyle said...

Same goes to me kak fynn.. it same happen to me & my life. Sometimes I feel like this world is cruel to me. I have a tonnes of friends just same like that. I know, I'm not so beautiful and intelligence, but they have no right to unrespect Allah gift's to me.. :(