Friday, March 23, 2007

find me a place to call home

there's a home where i used to live
where i used to start all my dreams and believe
i've been there as long as i can ever remember
that i care about anything else never

i lived there for ages and so long
alone i danced and hummed my song
about how i love being there in that little place
not knowing what one day i'll have to face

so here i'm telling u what happened one day
the home i lived in refused to let me play
stop sheltering me from bad Mr.Sun and cruel Mr.Rain
i was sent alone with nothing but pain

all by myself i wandered in the dark black jungle
finding everything is very hard to mingle
cold,lonely and sad without the home i had
asking every single day,"what did i do bad?"

with tears running on my silly chilled cheek
i found a new home,with my feet feeling weak
i saw no one staying there, so i supposed
maybe i can live there as the new host

the new home made me feel good again
though not as equal but i forgot my pain
i started dancing and humming and singing
the warmth and welcomed the new home had bring

i did not remember anything about my past
i forget this new happiness also would never last
when i was just starting to settle down
unsuspecting and shocked, this is what i found

the new home was another's home all this time
how heartbroken i was so i started this rhyme
again i am sent away to wander around
asking God,"do you like to see me down?"

now i am all alone again in this dark black jungle
hoping for something else to light and tinkle
but the more and more i think about this
the more and more i tremble my fist

maybe i'll go back to the ole home of mine
though i'm hurt the most by it, well it's fine
maybe it's better to be hated in ur own place
then begging other's mercy and sympathy and grace

if truly there's no place made me belong
if really there's no one to listen to my song
then it's not my fault that i'm born to be me
then it's not my mistake, this is life, simply.

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